Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Letter of support for Dr. Litchfield

I am writing this letter regarding the accusations put forth on Dr. Bryant Litchfield. I just finished a letter that was written in by one of his other female patients and I must say (I hope she is reading this) I will accept your challenge for other patients to step forward in his defense. I have been seeing Dr. Bryant Litchfield for 19 years now. I started seeing him when I was 5 years old. My little sister (who will soon be 19 years old) was the very first baby he delivered out of the military, and that is when he became our whole family’s physician. I remember my mother telling me the story about when she went into labor, until the time she delivered my baby sister, He never once left my mothers side, he was with her the entire time and that’s when she told me she never had a doctor so caring and compassionate. So when I heard the news and the accusations being put forth by these women I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Never in my life have I been so disgusted by something as this. From first hand experience I can see what my mother meant when she told me the story of how compassionate and caring he really is. Dr. Bryant Litchfield delivered my first child, a little boy two years ago. As I said in the beginning I have been seeing him for 19 years. He has done all of my physicals, even before he was to have a chaperone in the room with him and not once, not even in the least bit have I ever been uncomfortable or felt that I had been touched in an inappropriate manner or an unprofessional manner. I was livid to hear what was being said about him, and I was also heartbroken. I am one of at least 10 women in my family that sees Dr. Bryant Litchfield and I can guarantee I will not be the only one to say this. So if he has done anything unprofessional or inappropriate why hasn’t it been done to any of us? One would think it would happen to almost all would it not? I do not believe that these accusations could of happened without a chaperone in the room for the simple fact that he has nurses that are always in there with him. I have not had a physical for years without the presence of one of them. These chaperones don’t just stand there and stare at the ceiling while he is doing as a doctor what he is suppose to be doing, they are watching the whole time, frankly that makes me more nervous and uncomfortable than anything he has done. How as a mother can I take my little boy to see his doctor for his checkups and then turn around and have to go to a walk in clinic to have mine done its pretty sad if you ask me. As for the College of Surgeons and Physicians I can give you a few doctors who really should be questioned on their practices. I honestly hope that this all works out in the end that he will be able to go back to treating women and children over 12 because I am not comfortable with anyone else but Dr. Bryant Litchfield. I also hope that these women with their accusations will be checked into, maybe then this will end up the way it should. On a last note, as for these women I hope you sleep well at night. You should be nothing but ashamed of yourselves I know if it were me, my conscious would eat at me to think of what I have done. Not only have you ruined this doctor’s medical practice when it comes to women, but think of what kind of impact it will have on his family name. I am asking if there are still women undecided on whether or not this man is a good doctor or you believe these accusations to sit down and really think hard about this situation. Not once has it gone through my mind that he is anything other than a great doctor. You don’t find many like him now a days. I am truly disgusted and I hope more people will step forward and support him at this time. As for Dr. Bryant Litchfield, his staff and his family much love and support goes out to all of you and I will stand behind what I believe in, that’s how I was raised and I have morals. I am with you 100% -Tamara Cook